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How I ended up papercutting I don't remember, but more important: I love it. The touch and feel of paper, the sharp scissors, creating new shapes and endlessly moving them around.

I'm most at ease at my atelier in the Netherlands but I love to travel for inspiration. Other countries, other people and sounds stimulate my creativity. My eyes never stop registration what I see and someday it will end up in paper.

All my papercuttings are handmade. No computers. Just my hands and lots of love. The framed papercuttings are a delicate piece of art. For bigger displays and as part of interior design in buildings, my papercuttings are blown up and transferred to other materials like metal or wood.



Please don't hesitate to call or email me if you like my work, have any questions or want to work on a project together. I'm happy to meet you for a good cup of coffee and talk about new or old projects :-)

+316 230 36 210

Netherlands - Amsterdam area

Most of the beautiful photographs on this website are made by Kim Krijnen. My necklace and 'chair with vest' on the portfolio page are photographs by Caroline Coehorst.

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