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Oosterpoort Delft
Funeral Willem van Oranje
Corner with Nieuwe Kerk
Delftse Hout
Lutherian church
women at front and back
Hesje in Delft
Hortus and Univeristy Delft
Ode Johannes Vermeer


For the city office of Delft I made a 50 meter long piece in which all important buildings and history of Delft are represented. The papercuttings are transported on foil and glued to the glass walls of the meeting area.


A lot of city walks and reading about the history and structure of the city resulted in this personal interpretation.

Delft has an amazing history and a lot of funny, beautiful and special houses.

I included not only houses and important buildings, but also famous paintings made of Delft. And important historical events of the city: a huge fire, the funeral of Willem of Orange. 

Although it's personal and a graphical representation, all houses and stories are recognizable.

In the city office (unfortunately not the public area) I made a litttle booklet with all the names of  the buildings and houses.



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